PHDinMEBlog-Money Monday! Generation X and Money

Hey Scholars!

So Around April or May I was talking to a lady and she was speaking of the Millennials.  She was talking about them with that title as if they were a new rock band.  Me not being the most hip person said “who are the Millennials? And she said “the generation born between 1980 and 2000”.  I said, “Oh ok”.  I had thought the generation after me was called generation Y and turns out that WAS their original name but it was upgraded it seems to reflect their TAKEOVER status!

Since that conversation, everywhere I go I hear about the Millennial! In church, marketing, retail and financial arenas!  They make headline news everywhere! HAHA!  Now, I’m happy for anybody to have there moment in the spotlight but HELLO! What happened to Generation X?  We are still here but in between the Millennials and the Baby Boomers (which number less then the takeover Millennials) we have been X’ed OUT!- Lol!

We still have SOME youth left in our generation, we still seek financial security and prosperity and we could use the help, tips and encouragement specific to our generation to help us reach our financial goals! So without further ado, PHDinMeBlog is going to be giving special attention to MY generation- X.  We possess youth (even if waning- lol), creativity and alas we posses knowledge and have earned experience.  We are still in the game and we can make great strides and turn the tables from the statistics that say our retirement is totally in the toilet-GULP! There’s no other option for me!  What about you?  Everybody who’s with me, let me hear you say– X! (lol/smile)

Light, Love, and Well-funded Retirement,


If you have any advice/comments to share that would be helpful to Gen X’ers specifically please share!  You can bet your MONEY, we’d ALL be grateful! :)!

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