PHDinMeBlog- Spirit Sunday! We ARE Spirit!

Hey Scholars!

Two things stood out to me this week relating to matters of growing in the Spirit.
  1. The bigger the offense, the bigger opportunity you have to forgive.  I recently realized I had forgivable offenses and non forgivable offenses.  When I was contemplating something I needed to forgive that unconsciously was in my unforgivable box, I realized that if I could do it my threshold for forgiveness would be expanded getting me closer to my goal of being more like my Master Teacher and Brother Yeshua.  He forgave EVERYTHING! I mean there was NO THING he would not forgive- even being nailed to a cross for having committed no wrong. I’m either going to follow him or not and if I am, I have got to try to sincerely not just mimic his actions but strive to understand why he did what he did. As I contemplate this opportunity, I realize that indeed it is a blessed opportunity to my Spirit although my flesh (outer self, ego) may not think so.


2. There is so much peace that comes from following the prompting of the Holy Spirit within us.  When we don’t, Spirit is quenched which means “put out or go out like a fire (which is a word used to describe the Holy Spirit)” “extinguished”  Another way to say it is Spirit is grieved.  1 Thessalonians 5:19 My grandmother used to tell me this ALL THE TIME and it has totally clicked in a level of deeper understanding.  When Spirit within is grieved, WE become grieved, because WE ARE SPIRIT! That’s a GOOD WORD if I may say so myself!  So, as you strive to Pursue Higher Development in You, I encourage you to Be Still and Know that Abba (God, Creator, Source, Providence) is FOR you and when Spirit speaks (anything from cleaning your house to starting a business or a blog) listen and take action!  You will be blessed by doing so and you will have the relief and peace that comes from being in the flow in which you are supposed to be.

Light and Love and Spiritual Growth,



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