PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday! Picture Perfect Pizza

Hey Scholars!

After a glorious day (weather was awesome and everyone was in great spirits!) of football which we will be doing almost every Saturday during Little League football season, we went out to celebrate hubby’s birthday which was on this past Tuesday!  We had already given him gifts, cake and ice cream on Tuesday but we didn’t have time to go out to eat that day and planned to do it as an after football/birthday treat!

Hubby FINALLY settled on an upscale pizza restaurant that we had never been to- Dum Da Dum Da Duuum!


As a native New Yorker, who eats pizza by the slice, folded, and with one hand, It’s still hard to get used to take eating pizza with a fork seriously, but as a cosmopolitan woman, I get it and to our table we happily went!

The kids had a Margherita pizza pie!

Photo by Shona

They ate all but one slice, so that was a good.  They will definitely not eat something they don’t like so if it passes the kid test that’s saying something

I had a veggie panini which I ate so fast I forgot to take a pic of:/

But here are the fries that were left on my plate when I finally remembered

Photo by Shona

The panini didn’t have much flavor truth be told but the ingredients were fresh so I could’t figure out it they wanted it flavorless so that the ingredients could pop or just missed the mark on flavor.  I appreciated the fresh ingredients so I was just fine with it but would give it a 6 1/2 because I like my food to TASTE good!

Photo by Shona

Hubby had a chicken parmesan sandwich which he said tasted like pizza and for him that was a good thing.

Overall, we had a good dining experience and teased dad/hubby mercilessly about being the oldest in our family!

We are totally and completely thankful for having him and beyond grateful for all the years he has had and we hope he has at least 90 more! There’s no better way to cap any worthwhile celebration than with family and good FOOD!

Cheers to Life, Birthdays, Love and Light,



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