PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday

Hey Scholars!

Man, I miss my blog! You guys have been such a wonderful encouragement to me these last few months! You bless me and for that I am grateful!

It’s Fitness Friday and this post is coming through later in the day than normal, but it’s still coming and that’s key.  It’s especially coming for that person who hasn’t gotten their workout in yet today! I see you!!! Uh huh, thought you were off the hook but– NOT! HAHA!

This morning around 3:45 am my house alarm start beeping, not the full alarm sound but beeping.  Crazy thing is, my first thought wasn’t even safety, it was OH NO!  I have less than an hour before I have to wake up to workout!!!!  IM SLEEPY!!!  NOOOOOO!   WHY NOW at this TIME!!!!!!!!! When I sleepily and heavily got out of bed, I saw it said “garage door opened” I was sleepy and i envisioned the garage door outside which obviously is dangerous, so I turned on the bright outside lights and called for my husband (who was knocked out through all this) and dragged myself back upstairs.  The whole time thinking, “I need my sleeeeeeeeeep!”  Then I thought well, “I won’t be making it to the gym today, I mean I just haven’t gotten enough rest and I probably won’t be able to fall asleep right away, so…”  Hubby managed to jimmy rig the alarm so the beeping would stop and I tried to fall back asleep.  JUUUUUST as I was drifting off, my alarm went screaming! Seriously! I thought, “it ain’t happening today” but as usual, I thought about how my day feels off when I don’t do my morning workout.  Then I thought about the conversation I had with a newer friend this past week in which she shared things she was going through and so much of what I got from her was that her lack of commitment to and discipline for the things she desires to do are causing her envy of others, distress and to use her words, depression.  Listening to her I thought man, nothing she is saying is hard to do, she just hasn’t DONE IT!  When I told her she sounded like she was getting in her own way, she agreed.  She was grateful for the conversation and so was I. amongst other things, it was a reminder for me to GET OUT OF MY WAY! Stay focused and committed to doing the things that may be hard but that in the end, make me HAPPY! The fact is we feel bad not about things OTHERS want us to do, but rather we feel bad about things that WE want to do but don’t. When we think of why we don’t pursue our good desires, the reasons are all lame compared to how we feel when we do.  I don’t like that feeling and more and more I am realizing that it’s not worth it to take the path that leads TO those negative (and mostly well warranted) feelings.

So, after hitting the snooze button and getting mad again when it woke me up from a serious drift, I got up and put on my workout gear, drove to the gym, did a much slower warmup then my classmates then proceeded to do burpees til I was dripping!  I knew my cool-down was much deserved and while doing those final stretches, I KNEW although that sleep would have felt DELICIOUS, it would not have been as tasty and the sense of accomplishment and exhilaration I had from doing that which is good for me and makes me happiest!

It’s not too late!  Get it in! Sleep will come later, in fact you will sleep better! and FEEL better too!

Light and Love,




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