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Hey Scholars!

Today I test for my advanced red belt in Taekwondo! Test have not ceased to be nerve-racking. I have other obligations this Sunday when the group test takes place which means I have to test earlier and it’s JUST me in front of the examiners! No others to distract the judges with their perfection and/or flaws. No one in front, side or behind to glance at for cues- Just me and what I know.  GULP!  I feel like I know what I’m supposed to know but the judges try really hard to intimidate and these are some of THE nicest guys on the planet but on test day somehow they seem to succeed- haha!

This belt will have a black stripe going through it and will be the first time I will have black on my belt if- I mean WHEN- I earn it today!

I’ll let you know! What have you always wanted to do? It’s NOT to late! I always wanted to do martial arts as a kid but I wasn’t in charge then. Now I make ( and pay for) the decisions for me. Remember it’s not how you start but rather how you end that matters most!

Light and Love,



4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- TaeKwondo Mama

  1. Awesome! Future congrats on achieving your red adv. belt!
    When the judges are looking, remember just to do your best and execute the way your body knows how. With all the training going in you’ll do fine!

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    1. Thanks Kris! Wow how awesome you are to project such positivity my way and assert that I WOULD get my advanced red belt! I am HAPPY to let you know, young prophet sir:) that you were correct! I DID IT!!!!!!! Light and Love, Shona

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