4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Money Monday- From YNAB to Mint

  1. We used Quicken for Mac for years and it worked well for us, but Intuit stopped making routine updates and it developed bugs with new OS updates. So we looked around and ended up switching to Moneydance. We liked it better than Mint because is has better investment tracking, which is what we needed. It isn’t quite as flashy as Quicken, and it’s not quite as easy to use, but after climbing the learning curve, it’s going OK. I hope Mint works well for you. ~James


    1. Hey James! Thanks for the feedback, my husband is going to want to jump for joy on this info you shared because last night he already wanted to nix Mint:/ I think I talked him into giving it at least a month so we will see. We will definitely look at Moneydance and the others you mentioned in the meantime since we have not worked with any of them! I’ll keep you posted! SO Appreciate the comment! Light and Love, Shona


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