PHDinMeBlog- Freestyle/Still getting flowers!

Hey Scholars!

Shona’s latest flowers! Look at the color!

Aren’t these beautiful!  After 14 years of marriage, my husband STILL brings me flowers!  I am SOOOO grateful!

This is not at all uncommon for him to do.  He brings me flowers so often and at such random times and moments that there have been times where the flowers have died unwrapped in the bag because I did not get to unwrapping them and properly placing them:(  Not cool at all.

But, thankfully he hasn’t given up on me and still brings them.  I am SOOOOO grateful for THAT!  My husband and I are a real couple.  We are both very opinionated so we have lively (to say the least) exchanges about -just about everything! I have learned to accept and appreciate EVEN this gift- although the world/church was saying my marriage was supposed to look a certain way.  Honestly, if we had of listened to those sources instead of marching to the beat of our own sometimes offbeat drum, it’s safe to say we probably wouldn’t be in the blessed place we are today.

Roses are STILL my all time favorite but I am an OVERALL flower lover. My husband knows this and has even begun teaching my boys to buy them for not just me but their sisters (as my husband does) as well!

Obviously this is all very beautiful and I can say that all the more so seeing that, in my teens, I was involved in physically and mentally abusive relationships that of course, in typical teen fashion, I hid.  As a young adult, I didn’t even believe such shows of love and kindness where anything I would ever have.  That type of stuff was for “other” gals, who looked this way or that way or came from this or that family or whatever else disillusioned idea, I came up with. SMH.

I could cry thinking of that young lady who held up such a good exterior- no one would have known.  Honestly, at the time, SHE did not even know. But inside seeds of hurt, fear, brokeness- oh and ANGER had been planted and   were growing at a steady pace… BUT GOD!

Abba, my Father, was ALWAYS there for me!  Leading and guiding, Loving and Lifting! Teaching and Displaying! I could go on and on of course.  He literally sent my husband to my front door and we have been riding, trying and striving ever since!  Through my husband, He has showered me with, Love, Lessons, Laughter, Light and LOTS of flowers!

I am SOOOO grateful!

Light, Love and Flowers,


These are my latest flowers! God’s creation of color, pattern and DESIGN amaze me! Nothing like a rose!

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