PHDinMeBlog- Freestyle Thursday/Death to Racism

Hey Scholars,

So I saw this article today and if you have read my past blog posts on the matter, you should know that ONE of my passions (I am a passionate woman so I have more than one!) is to eliminate racism.  It is a tired false notion, continually diffused by the ignorant and fearful amongst us.

Dark-Skinned Or Black? How Afro-Brazilians Are Forging A Collective Identity

In Brazil, people have tended to describe themselves by skin color rather than race. But that’s all changing, as the country’s black pride movement gains traction.

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So the theme of this article is that typically Brazilians identify by skin color not race and that that’s not good because the dark skinned people are disproportionately negatively affected by societal set-ups and misgivings toward them.  This I don’t doubt a bit, but the author cheers the fact that the dark-skin people are starting to see themselves as Black and identifying with that racial construct and are beginning to start a movement! EHEHEHHGHG! (that’s supposed to be the sound of a record scratching to a stop- old school I know). Do these people not have TV’s!  Have they taken a good look to see how that’s been working for America!  Have they no history books!  Did they not see how Dr. King advised us to judge by the content of character and not color of skin! Come on!  And IF privileged peoples would speak out against injustice than that would be an encouragement for folks not to feel the need to start on these race/ ethnic based movements. These omissions produce the pain that adds to the problem.  SMH

Brazil: Stop while you are ahead.  If your dark skinned sisters and brothers are being treated unequal in any way, stand up as a nation and change it, not because of their skin color but because it’s the RIGHT dang on thing to do!  You are already ahead of the US just by the fact that you all think of yourselves FIRST as BRAZILIANS. You do NOT want an Alberto Sharptinez or his faithful just as bad as they say he is detractors to rise up to “solve” this situation for you.  Don’t come to the dark side- no pun intended.

Light and Love,


…and I know people won’t agree with a so-called black woman saying this but I’m not going for the PC of the year award. I’m going for the Human Beings need to realize Who They are so They can bring the Truth and Light and manifest the KINGDOM on Earth and live in the liberty of Christ Consciousness Now and stop the complete buffoonery and violence Award. Who else wants one? There are too many still waiting to be taken!

Creationism aside, check out Ken Ham and A Charles Ware book- One Race, One Blood and open your MIND!

Peace and Blessings Scholars


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