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The Lesson: Don’t blog (at least without a timer) while making spaghetti:/

You scholars know that the way to grow is to be real about the ups and the downs  as much as I would want to only share my culinary masterpieces with you guys, the fact is sometimes I end up with misses instead. For some reason, I like to share some of those too, so I will!

Wednesday, I was at the computer (blogging:) and I started to smell a “burnt” smell.  I jumped up like ‘NOOOO’ because that was the last box of spaghetti and I needed a quick dinner for the kids before driving an hour to football practice.  When I looked in the pot, I saw noodles just a bit softer than al dente but with water boiling out when I went to stir them, they all moved as one! Lol! What in the world? I still don’t know the science behind this one- haha! Thankfully the noodles within this burnt bowl were totally salvageable just not as many to serve.  Thank GOODNESS because my kids DO NOT do burnt food at ALL! I could not even show them this burnt bowl because just knowing something had been burnt in that pot they wouldn’t eat the “just fine” noodles.  They will look at you as if you are criminal at the mere notion or presentation of such.  Not that they shouldn’t but I’m gonna tell you, I was raised in a home with my great-grandmother so obviously she had gotten up there and if/when she burnt food which increased as she got older, we were expected not to just eat but smile. Especially toast- hahaha! She would grab a knife and scrape the black until it was near white again and put in right back on your plate! With jelly -which by then had black burnt bits all in it. Hahaha! You know it still tasted- burnt!

I didn’t take a pic, because I was short on time as it was, but it all worked out and my kids even asked for seconds ( thanks to the yummy spaghetti sauce I made). And, we got to practice on time!

Light, Love and Happy Cooking (and salvaging;)



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