PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday

Hey Scholars!

Today is Money Monday and unfortunately my husband and I did not work on our budget this past week.  We planned for Friday and that turned into Saturday into Sunday and now the work week has begun.  I don’t know WHERE the time went but I wanted to be honest and tell you what the real deal was.  Hopefully we can knock that weekly review out tonight along with a game plan for staying on top of it.  I SO want to blame a busy schedule and it is a busy one but the schedule is financed by the MOOLAH, so I know that is NO excuse:/

Didn’t get to see this this week:(

The good thing is after more than a month of doing the budget, this experience has shown me that I actually MISS not just doing it but how I felt after having done it.  Honestly it boost your confidence to know exactly where your money went, where it is and where it is going.  I liked that feeling and want to keep it! It made me feel like a bonafide and worthy CFO of Shona’s Family Inc.  It made me feel like I would hire me!  I know my husband felt the same because he told me.  Why is it that we get away from things that are good for us and that in this case we actually like?  I would say because although we like the after effects, it’s still work to do:/ and THAT’S what we so easily allow ourselves to get distracted by (especially over the weekend).  Would you say so? ANYHOO, tonight we sit down and do the budget. And get back to being a good CFO- I wouldn’t want to have to fire, the current one!

Light and Love,



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