PHDinMeBlog- Look what happened today (accident)!

Hey Scholars!

So we arrived at the school where our team was to play football and after finding parking began about the busyness of getting my son prepared to play.  We were not late but we did not arrive in a time I felt left us much room to spare. In the midst of the hub bub, I press the auto hatch button and then proceeded to the back of the car to- BOOOOM!  I don’t even recall what I was going to get, the hatch came down right square on my head and knocked me to the ground.  My family rushed to see if I was OK and I just yell out, “keep getting him dressed and GO!”  When I look at my hand there was blood on it- Oy vey!


My kids were all upset which meant I had to go straight into Supermom mode to calm them down, especially my MVP (can’t have distractions on that field- haha! No banged up head will turn this mama bear, helicopter giraffe tiger mom around- bwahaha!- I know, I know but honesty is how we GROW!)

I didn’t know what the extent of the damage was at the time but as you can see the blood was coming from the minor gash seen in this pic. Let’s not leave out the accompanying knot!

Thankfully once on the sideline, folks had coolers and I was able to ice it during the game. I’m pretty sure my head would be much more lumpy right now had it not been for that (Thanks team family and friends!)

Can you say headache right now. Especially every time I look down, which is WAY more often than I EVER realized with 4 little ones! And I don’t know that I knew you could feel your heartbeat in the front of your head as I do now! Smh- ha!

Lesson here: SLOW DOWN! And arriving early not on time, helps to ease the pace!

Light and Love,

Shona (Oow-ch!)


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