PHDinMe- Fitness Friday (Need more Sleep!)


Hey Scholars!

I did it this morning! But it was NOT easy:/  After about 4 hours of sleep, I got up this morning and headed to the gym, to go hard in Beachbody Insanity! I felt it this morning guys.  I was SLEEE-PY! I am not kidding my eyelids were like sticking together from the sleepiness!  I actually had to look in the mirror to see if something was stuck on them! They were a bit mucus”y” but I am not sick at all, so that was just an indication that more sleep is needed.  Which I really have to do better about.  Sleep is VITAL and I KNOW that because I know how off I feel when I don’t have enough of it and how GREAT I feel when I do.  It’s mad that I don’t sleep more because I LOVE TO SLEEP!  It’s just that, it’s one of the few times after the kids go down that I have a bit of time to piddle around, which I do. I have got to get better. I may get an old school alarm clock so I can stop using my phone as an alarm because just setting it can be a distraction, because the next thing you know I may be texting or checking emails:/

I’ll be working on it.  It used to be much worse://  Class was good.  I worked up a bit of a sweat as you can see.  I bet my classmates were thinking, “I hope she is not taking a picture of me.” They were not my main focal point, but shouldn’t we all just walk around with a smile these days because cameras are everywhere- HAHA! (you guys are gonna laugh but I actually tried doing that!  It didn’t last long because it looked so plastic and I kept making myself break out laughing.  I got the idea from seeing pics of Beyonce.  I swear she does this- HAHA!)  This pic was a selfie moment to share with my fellow Scholars for FITNESS FRIDAY!

I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend of working out, eating well, pushing boundaries having FUN and yes… SLEEP!!!!!!

Light and Love,


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8 thoughts on “PHDinMe- Fitness Friday (Need more Sleep!)

    1. Hey Amanda! Thanks for the like! I just checked out your blog and you are doing great things! Yes, I am taking Insanity classes taught by a certified Beachbody coach. I also take PIYO classes by a CBC as well! After my first Insanity class, I think I said something like “that was stupid” and it was a long time before I did it again. Now, I am a regular on Fridays! It’s a fun carb workout which is cool for me because I do my share of strength during the week. Follow PHDinMeBlog for my Friday Fitness posts in which you will see/read about, amongst other fitness routines, more Beachbody classes! Our gym has quite a few Beachbody coaches! Feel free to ask me anything! I see you like yoga, have you done hot yoga? It’s one of my new favs! Light and Love, Shona

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