PHDinMeBlog- Gratitude Journal

Photography by Shona

Hey Scholars!

So I haven’t been WRITING my gratitude list everyday but I have been GRATEFUL everyday.  I was just thinking, maybe it should be written weekly as I find that on certain days I’m grateful for exactly the same thing I was grateful for the day before.  Which is perfectly fine, but does it need to be written?  Let me know what you think if you are a gratitude journal Pro! HAHA

That said, here is my top five for today.  I am grateful for:

  1. The walk I just took with my kids around the neighborhood.  I saw my neighbors and others that live in the community.  I even may have met a new friend.  A lady who was from India. Says she has been here for 3 years and has not made any friends and misses her family back home.  She introduced us to her son, who before she told me, I noticed was on the autism spectrum. They were sweet and friendly.  I plan to put my number in her mailbox asap.

     2.  My husband who gets such satisfaction and Joy providing for us so I can stay home and raise our children.

           we both are doing what we LOVE!

     3.  My Gym.  Yesterday when I went, the front desk guy literally stood up and threw his arms in the air as if to        cheer or Praise God when I walked into the door.  THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!  Totally BLESSED my heart and soul.

     4.  Homeschooling. So glad I took a leap of faith and did it!  Wouldn’t change it for anything! Getting our classroom ready for a soft start next week!

     5.  Favor.  It’s so nice to know that God is ALWAYS for me.  He always loves me and I can never be separated from his love.  That’s a beautiful thing.

      Bonus:  The Cardinal I saw in the tree today.  I’m convinced he was directly trying to communicate with me.  Stay tuned for his picture on Wordless Wednesday!

Light and Love Scholars!



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