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Hey Scholars!

I have missed posting about FOOD!  So as I am continually getting used to Blog Land and how to organize my postings.  I decided to put food in on Tuesdays.  Of course I reserve the right to post whatever whenever but I like having the order of things in my head and or written.

So yesterday I made FLAPJACKS!  No not pancakes flapjacks!  I bought an all-natural pre made mix, so they were semi-homemade if you are one who does not consider anything that comes from a box completely legit.  I have 4 kids and little time so boxes that are packed with natural ingredients work for me:)

I bought this mix actually as a base to add protein powder to for when I want to make protein pancakes.  I know there are recipes for protein pancakes that do not include any flour, baking soda etc. such as the banana/egg recipe that is very popular but I have never tried it because I like bananas and I like eggs but the combination of such seems like it would make me sad:(  HAHA!

PLUS, I LIKE cake”y” pancakes!  I know it is extra carbs which is one reason why some people choose to go the non flour route but you can always use that as your carb portion for the day or just decide to LIVE on protein pancake day.  HAHA!

So I used Kodiak Cakes Flapjack Mix.  The back of the box gives a whole diatribe about the traditional flapjacks and how they are a “superb nutritional combination” of carbs, protein and fiber.  They go on tho say the “lifeless creations that commonly pass for pancakes these days are NOT the same. Wow, they mean business!

So I put the protein scoop down and made the Flapjacks straight up.  Since it was my first flapjack experience, I wanted the full effect with nothing added.

This was my result:



With whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries for effect (after I tasted it plain for full effect of course;)


They were yummy and cooked up nice and golden brown.  The inside was a little “doughy” so that’s why I did not give a 10.  I do not know if that was my cooking or the brand or just how flapjacks are supposed to be.  Whatever the case, I CERTAINLY enjoyed myself!  That syrup is Log Cabin All Natural by the way.

I look forward to trying them again SOON but next time WITH the protein powder.  Stay tuned!

Light, Love and Good Eating!



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