PHDinMEBlog- Spirit Sunday/What is God telling YOU?

Hey Scholars!

What is God telling YOU today?  What has he been telling YOU?  What are the dreams/visions you have for YOUR life?

Many people can not hear God for themselves because they are too busy listening to their church pastor and other people.  Not that good and useful information can not be gleaned from these sources, but what is YOUR call.

My daughter was in an art camp this week and the finale was today (Sunday) at the church the camp was held in.


After the service, a man came up and introduced himself.  His name was Mike and he was originally from Vietnam.  He said he had been at the church since 1998.  He began to speak of signs, wonders and miracles and a man by the name of Syd Roth, whom I have never heard of.  As I listened to him, I knew his church ((denomination) was not big into signs, wonders, miracles, healings and the like but I could see that Mike was very excited and all the more since we were listening to him. At a pause in his conversation I asked, just to confirm, ” does your church speak on signs, miracles and wonders?” and he looked with just a teeny hinge of dismay yet respectfully not wanting to put down his church, and said, “no.”  I said, “oh, so you are getting these teachings on your own, outside of church?” and he said ,”yes, my family has been led to this.” And with that the man had my respect.  I am not into what all he is into relating to the signs, wonders and miracles, most likely because, as we told him after he asked us if we go to the doctor much, “we have been blessed with great health and don’t have to visit doctors.” But the fact that this man and his family can “hear” from Holy Spirit what is for him, regardless of what their “church” is “doing” and pursue the path in which he is being led and have passion about it is super cool- THAT”S how it should be.


Sadly people don’t realize that they are fulfilling someone else’s dream (usually the pastor) when they step to his marching orders and they can’t hear Holy Spirit for themselves because they are too busy listening to the church pastors voice.  Meanwhile, the “church” is looking for a bigger building and trying to grow the treasury while the faithfully serving single mother (who’s money is helping to make that happen with her tithe that she is giving because she wants and NEEDS financial blessing and of course she feels good about it because she sees it as obeying God) is not only living in the same house with no prospects of an upgrade, but struggling to keep the house and put food on the table, let alone any luxurious extras like eating out or a new pair of ??. (Example from a real story).


That pastor heard from God and is following his dream and vision.  I am not mad that he is (mostly) using people who don’t know how to hear from God themselves and walk in pursuit of what they hear (remembering faith come by HEARING) to reach his dream and have his vision be manifest.  He is going for it as he should.  Not mad at that at all.  I do however want to sound the alarm for people who are working “for the Lord” in these churches and let them know, you are not working “for the Lord” if you can’t pay your bills.  You are not “working for the Lord, if you tithe and have to eat fatty hamburger.  You are working for YOUR PASTOR.  To fulfill his dream.  And if that’s what you heard God tell you to do- carry on!  indeed sometimes enabling the dreams of others is fulfilling!  But if not, I ask what are you doing?  Who’s dream are you working and spending time manifesting?  What is the dream and vision in YOUR heart and what are you doing to see IT manifest? With all the work you are doing for your church, do you even have time to manifest your dreams and visions? Do you hear what I hear? — What is God telling YOU?

Light and Love,



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