PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday! Number one tip!


Hey Scholars!

Today is Money Monday and I wanted to give you an update on our budgeting process which we started last month.  In a nutshell it is going great.  We have been very graceful to ourselves and made changes when we have had to and we have although not much.  We are still using YNAB and we like it!  Of course it’s the only one we have ever used but overall we do like it.

I would say the NUMBER ONE thing that we have observed as making the MOST difference in our attempt to budget this time around is making sure that EVERY DOLLAR has a job.  Or in other words budgeting right down to the penny each and every time.

We have decided to do the budget once a week at this point.  We did it last night and we anticipate some tweaking to improve some things, but all in all the effort to budgets proving worth it and the software makes it easier than when we have tried to budget in the past.  I’ll take easier whenever I can!

Do you have any tips for us?  Leave a comment/follow and share your experiences!

Light and Love,



2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday! Number one tip!

    1. Thanks Chris! These are EXACTLY the kind of comments I am hoping to get as a help to me as I pursue financial freedom! I’ll be checking the book out ASAP! Light and Love and DO follow/come back soon! Shona

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