PHDinMeBlog- Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!


Hey Scholars!

Whew! I am JUST getting home from a day out of town where we attended my eldest sons’ FIRST football game!

He has been practicing since early July and today was, as my son called it,- The Big Game!

He will be six next month ( we share the same birthday so I haven’t seen MY birthday in about 6 years😳😜) and this is his first time playing football and my first spin as a football mom.

Can I tell you these practices and this travel has already been ALL encompassing! Practices are about an hour or so away because they are at the height of evening traffic! And they are twice a week and more days if it’s before a Big Game such as today. Add that with taking another one of my kiddos to art camp this week and I’m literally trying to be at two places at once!  I am not gonna lie ( I know that’s not proper English but I can use slang cuz it’s my blog 😛) I tried to talk the little guy out of it. I even tried a bribe by telling him if he changed to flag football (closer to home) I would let him have a fun day where he can choose ANYTHING he wants to do for the the entire day. He said he wanted to stick with touch football. What?!?!?!? That’s like offering two birthdays in one year! Did they hypnotize my son on that practice field? Who is this kid? He was relentless and I was shocked. I couldn’t disappoint him especially after he said, “mommy I really think football is my thing” and off we went to practice to get ready for today!

It was LONG but it was a good day beautiful weather nice families and our boys looked good in their new personalized jerseys!

The game began and my baby was on the field! He took off and was on the heels of the guy who had the ball and was headed for the touchdown. He was running and someone said look at 24 and I was like that’s my son, they said, “he’s on it”. We all cheered! My son just missed as the guy crossed into the touchdown zone (ok I know my football lingo is not right, but maybe by the end of the season, I’ll have better football vocab. Be merciful with me).  Not what we wanted of course but I was impressed by his speed. He looked like such a big boy out there. Gave that 8 year old a reason to run!

After a few more plays they took my son out and he was sidelined. After some time passed I could tell he was not happy. I thought “uh oh, he’s not going to like that.”  More time passed and I thought “hey maybe if he stays out long enough he will be so disenchanted he won’t want to do football anymore😆) but then after more time went by Mama Bear came out and I’m like “this child needs to be on that field, we have put TOO much time in for him to be on the sidelines this long- last game or not. But as patience usually reveals it was just a matter of time before he was back in and all in all he got good playing time. He also got used to the rotation and the next time he was sidelined, instead of pouting he was standing up cheering for his teammates! At that point, I knew I’d be stuck for the season😾) but deep down I was happy that my little boy was happy down on the field.

Ultimately, we lost 6-16 or maybe it was 6-22, by that point I had stopped looking at the scoreboard.  The team filed off the field, got into their huddle did their team chant, got their drink and snack and parted ways.  My baby boy strutted toward me drinking orange Gatorade and sporting the biggest smile and I hugged him like he won the MVP award-  because to me he had!

We went out and celebrated at the local ice cream shop and indoor play place and then headed home!

I asked him once he was in bed, so you think you want to still play, he said, “Yeah, I wanna win a game!”  I said, “son you could go a whole season and not win” (you guys know I’m an eyes up, chin up, head up gal, but you also know I’m trying to get out of this football commitment😉)

He scrunched up his nose like he never thought of that being a possibility and said “well, I want to stay till the end of the season.”  I said, ” I know you do you little ranchie, ( family word for rascal) – goodnight.  He laughed, as did I, and I closed the door.  And with that I officially resigned my efforts to back out of this football season. A type of resignation that brings acceptance, lots of Gatorade and a mama with a lotta mileage😱

Stay tuned! Follow/leave a comment! Do share any words of advice for a new football mom!

Light and Love,



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