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Hey Scholars!


One way to achieve this is to write down up to 6 things you want to accomplish the next day before you turn in for the night.  Satisfaction won’t come from doing every single thing on your list- in fact that could be a recipe for disaster if you are a perfectionist and one thing does not get done.  Satisfaction comes from having a plan (map for the day) and doing your BEST!  When you can say you have DONE YOUR BEST, you can be satisfied.  If not you have a road map to get back on track!  Be kind to yourself- make the journey pleasurable not miserable:)

Light and Love (and Goodnight– gotta go write out my list!)


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2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Motivation from a friend-ME!

  1. Great advice, Shona! I find that getting excited over exercising is great because it helps to motivate us when it comes to facing our fears, etc. I know that taking steps towards making progress isn’t always fun, but when you can make it enjoyable, that’s all the better!

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