PHDinMeBlog- Lesson from the Omelette

Today's main dish
Veggie Omelette- 6 1/2 score

This was my previous 6 1/2 scored omelette.  Taste was there but presentation was NOT and the edges of the tortilla, while not burnt were over crisped:/  The omelette broke and so did the tortilla:/  Bet i still ate it though- BUT OF COURSE!  But I ( being the emotional eater that I am enjoy good tasting and looking food and this didn’t make the cut.  Also used to much sauce:/  That said you can see the ingredients (broccoli, mushrooms, etc) were healthy and healing for the temple which is always the MAIN nutritional point- HAHA!

I like to critique myself because it promotes self correction which produces growth PLUS if I’ve said it to myself first (which I normally do), it’s of little matter if someone else says it to me.  Very useful when receiving any kind of criticism. Which I get nearly everyday from the Top Chef fans in my house!

The key to the growth here is critique to improve oneself NEVER to put oneself down.  I have outgrown that- PTL! It’s so much more useful this way and it makes the process of becoming your best you that much more FUN! As it should be!

Light and Love,



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