PHDinMeBlog- Cat at the Vet

Hey Scholars!

Yesterday we took our 11 year old cat, Loca, to the vet for her birthday. Quite honestly it had been several years since she had gone but coming from where I come from, the fact that I have ever taken my pet to the doctor for well checks is practically unheard of. Cats in the mean cat streets of my hometown just roughed it and when injuries came they limped it out and when time was up they usually just wandered away from the house and punched the “clock”. That was typically in the 3-5 year range. It was the hard knock life of inner city cats!

So my cat lives the Life of Riley by those standards. She was ticked she had to travel in a covered container (at the last minute we could not locate her carrier).  I thought when we finally arrived she would be spastic but this is what I got:


She had to get treatment to help clear up “graggely” breathing that sometimes occurs, suspected to from an allergy, which entailed getting two shots, including a steroid.  She didn’t like them (hissed at the second one) but amazingly didn’t move.  They also prescribed some medicine to help with hairballs whichk call for us putting the gel like substance on her paw to lick off. I did that when we got home and she jumped up and shook and shook and shook her paw, like it burned or something.  I know it didn’t she just DID NOT like it on her paw.  So much for that!  She’s still for the shots, but heads for the hills with the tuna flavored paste on the paw- GO figure.

Aside from that she received a clean bill of health and we received a bill for almost two hundred dollars and an appointment to come back for vaccines (more money😒) that we couldn’t get at that time (what we largely came for) due to the allergy treatment:/


Bummer we have to go back because it would have been nice to have it one and done, BUT on the way home we stopped and picked up a plush new kitty carrier.  Cuz when ou live the Good Life you gotta do it in Style! And we wouldn’t have it any other way for her because she’s family!  Even if a bit Loca!

Light and Love,



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