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Hey Scholars!

Its been a good day! The Fam and I are out right now enjoying a Night at the Symphony image

The music being played by the orchestra is that of John Williams. Oh yeah, you know John. We’re talking the composer of music from the movies E.T., Star Wars, and for the young bloods- Harry Potter- Just to name a few!

I enjoy good orchestra music and the nostalgia of this particular music is a nice touch.

I’m glad I went for it and bought a ticket package this year after several years of turning my nose up at the price but WANTING to come.

LightWe want to Make smart choices with our money of course but with that said- life is short Scholars and meant to be ENJOYED! Spend the money- go to the Symphony (or whatever positive uplifting thing it is for you)!

You will be glad you did and probably wonder why you took so long to do it  I am ALL for frugality- TRUST me. But money has wings and it will find a way to fly away.  Might as well fly right to the box  office so I can fly high and hum and bop along ( and pretend I’m conducting) with Superman- another John Williams hit😄


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