PHDinMe-Fitness Friday

Hey Scholars!


Took care of my workout bright and early this morning. Did Insanity with Joe- good energy in that class, which is the main reason I go. After class I overheard a visitor of a “regular” guy say to him, “that was weird, I don’t like change.” Then she imitated a movement Joe made in a cheesy way and said “what was THAT?” with a scrunched up face.  I felt bad for Joe because I bet he would have wanted her to have a good workout and a good time. But I knew what she was saying and particularly with that move she imitated. I also know the irritated feeling you get when you take a class and don’t feel like you got the workout you wanted. Especially at 5:15 in the AM!  In this class you do 4 movements for a solid minute each and then take a 30 second break. Sometimes Joe seems to not know the next move he will do and literally just does whatever comes to the top of his head. These random movements can be repetitive, awkward and/or uncoordinated. This happened several times this morning as it has in the past which, unlike the visitor, regulars are used to and he usually cleans it up or changes the moves after doing it for a few seconds.  Not so much today.  It’s a wild observation because I know he just came back from a Beachbody conference and was all decked out in his Branded orange shirt and shoes to match.  Everyone knows when you go to a company conference it’s a PUMP fest and you come back charged and ready to go (usually).  That’s the point of it.  He even had moves written down on paper something he doesn’t always have. So what happened? In my opinion lack of humility and poor preparation.  This is a super cool dude with a megawatt smile whose class I attend because of HIM(mostly) and the people.  I don’t even go if I know he’s not teaching, so this is not a put down of him, but a lesson to be taken by myself and all who the lesson is for.  We need to properly prepare for what we know we will be doing to achieve maximum results and if after that preparation we lose footing in some way, we need to show humility, slow down (or even stop) and properly get back on track.  People like myself, can see right through fudging it. Especially if they are regulars or in this case work out regularly (which it appeared the gal did).  Unless it’s on ice cream or in brownie form, fudge doesn’t get much respect. Earning respect in your field is pivotal if you want to make a positive impact.  I don’t know if the visitor will return, maybe the good energy that was in the room will override the technical glitches and she’ll give it a another chance. Either way, she and Joe taught me today that to pursue a goal without proper preparation and humility is to potentially miss the opportunity to make the positive impact needed for producing my desired results.  In short I wouldn’t be doing my best and for people who are Pursing Higher Development, not doing your best does not feel good even if your the only one who knows it.

Light and Love,




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