PHDinMeBlog- Gratitude Journal #4

Photography by Shona
Photography by Shona

Hey Scholars!

Today I am grateful for:

1) Technology/My Mac Computer – I still have a long way to go with learning all I can do, but they really have made this pretty easy and user-friendly.  We can do things with this tool that wasn’t even available to me as a kid (like BLOGGING:) Super cool.  Let’s use this tool for the highest good:)

2) Growing older –  I REALLY enjoy having the privilege of getting older.  There is an old school hymn that says “we will understand it better by and by”- some things really do just come with age and experience. I was blessed with wisdom at a young age, so I thought that type of statement was unfair when I was younger but, without taking anything away from wise young people- I live with 4- It is true Scholars, wisdom with age is incomparable.

3) Nature- I marvel when I look at nature and see the ARTIST that the Creator is.

4) The Way- I am very thankful for the life of my Rabboni, Yeshua/Jesus.  He has left us a Path to follow which leads to abundant life and LOVE.  It’s not always easy on this road, but it’s worth it! Honestly, His life and teachings mean more to me now than ever before. It’s SO personal! 

5)Clarity – The ability to see beyond what is shown and even known, through faith and discernment is SUCH a help to me, as I strive to walk in Truth the Light of Life.

Man, ya’ll I got lifted writing this list today! Very sobering. Join me on this journey! Follow and let me know what you are grateful for!

Light and Love,



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