PHDinMeBlog-Gratitude Journal #3

Good Day Scholars!

This is entry number three.  I didn’t not log gratitude entries during our time away and yesterday was a whirlwind and I blanked out on it, but I have learned that an all or nothing approach is not ALWAYS the best route to take on the path of Pursuing Higher Development in oneself.  And with that I list my Top 5!

Today I am Grateful for:

1) Feelings- I had been emotional today thinking of various things.  Some of the emotions were saddening.  But I am grateful that I am someone who feels and cares and yes even to the point were my feelings can cause me discomfort.  

2) Joy!- How many of you know that in the midst of sadness you can STILL have Joy!

3) VBS- My children are there now and I look forward to all of the wonderful craft gifts I will receive when I pick them up- even if they break in the car before we get home- HAHA!

4)My husband’s devotional leader at work.  First of all that he has one is a big  HA to the lleujah! But he forwards me the devotions and I so enjoy how forward thinking this man is and how good he puts it all together with words!  And to know my husband and his co-workers receive that to start their day is a big encouragement to me.

5) My blog followers, I am super encouraged by you guys and you have motivated me to continue to blog and find ways to improve it- now to only find the time:/

Light and Love,



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