5 Signs Your Church Is A Ponzi Scheme

Hey Scholars!

I know I have not gone into detail about why we were told to leave the church we had been attending. I want to give myself some time with that personally. But I had to repost this after I saw it because it was timely for me to read today AND this IS one of the reasons the lead pastor asked us to leave the church. He said we were not tithing (he had looked at church statements and giving as he warned the Board he would) and he did not find it acceptable that indeed we were tithing (once my husband told him) but not to the church. I really don’t even know that certain ones of these lead pastors and church leaders are trying to mislead.  I think for some of them its what they believe because it’s what they were taught. Listen scholars, know The Creator, Source, Abba, God for YOURSELF! READ/STUDY the Scriptures. PRAY. MEDITATE. READ well written modern books and classics.  THINK.  Don’t be fleeced!

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5 Signs Your Church Might Be A Ponzi Scheme

“Kristus uddriver kræmmerne af templet” by Unknown – http://www.smk.dk and soeg.smk.dk. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Reza Aslan is not a Christian, he is just married to one. He is a professor at my university. Very controversial. Hated by most Muslims, Christians and atheists. If I was not going to be a teaching assistant next quarter, I would have taken a creative writing class under him. Although, I do not ascribe to his theological views, Reza Aslan’s thoughts on churches as Ponzi schemes ring true.

And so the idea that you could transform Jesus’s teaching into an appeal for material wealth is astounding to me… This is about as far from the message that the historical Jesus preached as one can get. It’s less a church than a pyramid scheme.

Reza Aslan, author of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus

1. When the Preacher Is…

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