PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday!

Hey Scholars!

I did not go to the gym as usual this morning for my Insanity class:/  There is a legit reason though, first my regular instructor is a Beachbody coach and Beachbody is having a conference in Tennessee this weekend, so quite a bit of staff is GONE for the weekend at least.  Second, I doubled up on workouts this past week on Tuesday and Thursday in preparation for our BIRTHDAY BASH this weekend celebrating my eldest who is turning 10!!! I STILL find that hard to believe but I am SOOOOOO grateful for it and excited.  We are going out of state and it’s a surprise to my daughter, per her request, where it will be!

Since I didn’t get a “formal” workout in,

Inside the room today!
Pic of gym workout room that I did NOT see today-haha! That’s me taking pic:)

I am taking extra trips up the stairs to get things packed and ready and vacuuming extra rooms to get things clean for our return!  This all counts and displays the flexibility that is needed for real life!

I already know the meal plan will be out of the window because we plan on eating plenty of cake to celebrate this sweet girls milestone day!  I am so happy!  There will be lots of movement and activity celebrating and sightseeing- so that should help to balance it out;)

Light and Love,



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