PHDinMeBlog- What I’m grateful for today!

Hey Scholars!

So since I posted about gratitude yesterday, I decided to do it for 30 days because I heard somewhere that that was the timeframe needed for journaling Gratitude to change your life- so let’s see! This is one of those you can’t lose challenges (unless you conk out on day 12:/ ), so those are challenges worth the while to take! Blogging it helps with the accountability of doing it so here goes:

Today I’m grateful that:

1) That my mother wants to see me and the family—  Even though it can be stressful for me to think about planning such an excursion (She lives over 12 hours away and that’s without rest stops which HAS to happen with 4 kiddos and my post baby bladder- just saying!). I am happy and proud that my mom and I have the relationship that we do! Not everyone does.

2) I get to stay home with my children— I LOVE IT!

3) My strength workout this morning 

4) Books that I have and am reading! ( I will be doing reviews!)

5) Books that I have and look forward to reading!

That’s it for today! Join me on this journey over the next 30 days!  Let me know how it goes!

Light and Love,



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