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Good Morning Scholars!

This morning I was moved to contemplate gratitude.  Just being grateful.  I tend to be a grateful person in general and I did not grow up with abundance which I believe made me a person all the more grateful for not just the basics but ecstatic about practically anything “extra”!

I was feeling all good mentally collecting all the things I was grateful for today when I ran across a blog in which the author expressed her total annoyance with which she called “the gratitude craze”.  ( tag/gratitude)

I was shocked.  I have never heard of anyone being “nauseated” by a healthy experience such as being grateful.  I read the post and found it very interesting and funny (because I tend to find humor in people expressing their truth in a non-harmful way) although I could see others being offended by it.

Her main point was that we need a contrast of emotions in the world and that the attempt to be positive and have gratitude all the time is perhaps an attempt to sanitize authentic emotion. I think the author has valid points.

That said, while we shouldn’t deny the realities of life and the hell that crowds out the heaven’s in life.  The truth is on the most cloudy of days, the sun remains in it’s place.  It never went anywhere.  All too often many of us legitimately can’t see the sun for the clouds (no matter what kind they may be, but particularly the storm clouds) in life.


Gratitude can serve as the heat which cause the clouds in our lives to dissipate.  The wind, that makes them move so we can see the sun.  My mood shifts downward when I have to many atmospheric cloudy days and I long for the sun-  The same is true for my Spirit.  Quite frankly, we have enough cynicism, downers and complaints. For me that is very real and very tiring and draining:/

I find it empowering to know that I have a tool- Gratitude- to use when there is overcast in my life that affects my Spirit in a less than uplifting way.

And with that, I give you the top 5 things I am grateful for today ( and it’s hard to choose:)

1. My husband- he STILL brings me flowers after 14 years of marriage. Yesterday they were beautiful pink roses!)

2. My children- Where do I begin? They are my Passion, Pride, Purpose, Picture of Perfection

3. My extended family- Mommy, Dad, Lil Bro, Lil Sis’s, Aunt V, etc.  They are the anchor.  I won’t forget.

4. Friends- I know I am special when I look at some of the beautiful people who are in my life that I call friend- because they are amazing. (Shoutout- to Ms. A.D- oldest continuous friend I have from KINDERGARTEN!)

5. The ability to and desire I have to learn and grow.  I feel personal expansion when I increase in knowledge wisdom and understanding and it magnifies the my Life and my Light.

The weather changes, we all know that, and there is no doubt that sometimes we have to take cover and find shelter, but to know that I know I have within me the Power to see the sun behind the clouds and to even bring it forth… I am Grateful!

Light and Love,


Oh and I am thankful/grateful and excited about my daughters birthday coming up and our trip and also Marvin Sapp’s song- Yes You Can! Had to throw those in!

Share your thoughts! What are you grateful for?


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