Good Morning Scholars!

So this morning I did the 5:15 am Insanity class at the gym.  This is my normal workout time and I can’t have it any other way at this point.  I am a morning workout girl!

If you’ve ever done Insanity, today was the fit test and everyone moaned, but it was a success for me because having taken the fit test 2 previous times, this was the first time I actually counted!

I have never done Beachbody’s full Insanity DVD workout, but I do enjoy the class- NOW.  First time I took it, I thought, “I’ll never do that again!” and I didn’t for months.  Eventually, I gave it another try (probably forgot how much I didn’t like it) and I have been going ever since on Friday mornings! It’s one of the few classes that guys take as well as ladies and I enjoy that as for me it brings the competitive energy up! [ One guy is so funny, he will NOT do most of the cool down stretches. It totally seems to be that the movements are not manly enough for him- cracks me up!)  This class has good energy overall, we all want to be there and want to have fun ( how workouts should be:)!


Tomorrow morning-Strength and Flexibilty/PIYO- not as early on the weekends though- gotta have some SANITY somewhere! HAHA! Take care of the temple!

Light and Love,


Have you ever done Insanity?  What were your results? What’s your Friday workout?


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