See this painting?!  11060287_10153041831748123_3991276687223552287_n

This past Sunday, I was BLESSED to learn of a super dude named Sam Glenn.  He is an artist, author, self-described encourager and motivational speaker.  He was the guest speaker who gave the message at the church we have been visiting the last few Sundays.  He is also the artist who drew the portrait you see, right on stage before our eyes, before he encouraged us with a word based on 11059493_10152795111703123_9213509918563713522_n

one of my favorite scriptures (and songs by Fred Hammond and John P Kee!).

As he was drawing the picture to the sound of music for effect, Spirit told me the painting was mine.  He added fuchsia to it and I then thought ‘oh no it couldn’t be’ but Spirit again said it was. When he finished the painting there was applause and he then said, “thank you, anybody want it?’ and my hand shot up.  He then asked my name and told me it was mine.  He told the audience, “when you see how much I sell these for you’ll all be like, “Ahh man!”  He was right!

He went on to give his personal story which you can check out on his website and as I said used scripture references and pure comedy to Bless my soul- He was funny– and you guys know I love to laugh!

Not only do I love to laugh, but on this day Scholars, I NEEDED to laugh and be encouraged.  I had been hurt and as a result had become bit disoriented and distracted in my daily goings about and this led to disappointment and frustration.

Sam’s uplifting message came RIGHT ON TIME and that’s one of the main points of this post.  Abba cares about EVERY microscopic concern, feeling, thought that we have.  Not only does he cares he delivers and always finds ways to show us his tender care and love for us.  Sometimes it’s obvious like a huge beautiful eagle painting done by a captivating 6’6″ artist/speaker.  Sometimes it’s very subtle, like a cool breeze that’s felt on the last stretch of a long run.  Whatever way it comes- It comes! And it comes from Love.  I am Loved. You are Loved. We are Love. Abba is LOVE.  Please don’t let this be sappy because of the overuse of this word, Love.  To know Love is to know that it is a POWERFUL and ultimately unfathomable FORCE.  The same force that propelled the majestic eagle to soar as only it can.  The same force that can uplift and place you in the Light that refocus’s the lens and properly orients. Don’t get me started!- Haha!

After the service, I could barely get out of the hall from people coming to me congratulating me on the painting and telling me all kinds of reasons of why they didn’t raise their hands and how they should have or how they were going to tell their husband to come to the next service and raise his hand so they could get one next time- SMH-LOL!  SO the second lesson is- when you get the umption you better function because if you snooze you LOSE!

HAHAHA! But no matter what they did that day, that painting was mine.  Abba specifically gave it to me-because that’s what Great Dad’s do for their children to make them smile after a little scrape.

Be sure to follow and share the Spirit Breezes Abba has bestowed upon you.

Light and Love,



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