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Hey Scholars!

Some time ago I was Spirit led to begin praying affirmatively.  After a lifetime of growing up saying traditional “praise” and “help me” prayers, I have to be very intentional about praying affirmatively.  The traditional way of prayer blessed my life all my life and still does when its what I have, but the key here is that when you receive revelation (Light) for YOUR life and are prompted to move on it, then you must.  That movement will take you higher in Him and therefore higher in Love!

“Peace of Mind” Painting by Elain Awad From “

If you are not familiar with Affirmative Prayer, it is prayer that is focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation.  I have found a beautiful example below:

Affirmative Prayer for Peace of Mind

Truth lives forevermore at the center of my being. I know that the faith that walked over the troubled waters of human experience two thousand years ago is at the very center of my own being.

I know that the inner calm that stilled the tempest is accessible to me today. I know that the Truth within me is always triumphant. And so it is.

What is for you is for you and I have no doubt that the Creator of All hears our every utterance and cares.  I just wanted to share this way of praying that has come into my life fairly recently and has blessed and taken me even higher on my PHDinMe Journey!

Light and Love,


Prayer taken from – I do not endorse this organization or its doctrines as I do not have knowledge of such.  Unless specifically noted, use of photos or any works that are given credit in PHDinMeBlog, is NOT an endorsement of the work or organization from which it comes.

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