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Hey Scholars!

Tonight hubby and I finished up Chapter two of the book Total Money Makeover.  I read it years ago but suspected my husband would not be for it as at the time he was cynical to all the “in” financial advisors and trendy wealth building strategies such as flipping houses.

Nearly a decade in and he’s game.  We have never listened to his radio show or anything like that. We picked this book because Dave’s bottom line philosophy is the same as ours- debt free living.  And it helps that I already had the book;)  Our overall goal is to become debt-free and build a strong financial foundation on which to build, grow, and give.

We are looking to set up a budget this weekend so I will fill you in on that next Money Monday!

Have you done the Total Money Makeover? What are the success’ and fails of the program? Do you listen to

Ramsey, why or why not? Who is your financial guru? Do you believe debt is good or not? Got a Budget?

Follow along, share your thoughts!

Light and Love,



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