Have a safe and Happy 4th of July Scholars!

Our country is not perfect nor has it ever been.  I think of those young rebellious and ambitious white men and the women that supported them that said, ‘enough with the Crown’. I think of the strong black African men and women that cried out- “are we not MEN created equal with unalienable rights?”  I think of the struggles they fought and won so that we ALL can live free as we do today.  There is much more work to be done BUT, when I look at these kids (, I think of the hopeful tomorrow our country has!

Let’s keep dreaming and striving for a better country as did those of old.  Let’s do our part to be sure we leave a great legacy to the next generation!


Top 5 things we can do:

1) Better ourselves personally by pursuing our PHDinMe (Pursuing Higher Development in Me-Yourself) which includes: walking in the Spirit/Truth, increasing faith, loving, laughing, smiling, taking care of the temple

2) Helping others, caring, developing EMPATHY


4)Reading- Expand your MIND

5)Exploring- getting outside of the box and paying attention to the happenings of the world not just our city, state or nation.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but its a place to start!  Have something to add?  Share it with a comment!

Thanks for following!

Light and Love,



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