Good Morning Scholars!

This is final feedback on the 2 week cleanse and 21 day clean diet my husband and I began on June 1st, 2015.

This post is my longest so far but I tried to give you every detail without writing a book!:)

I would say it was a success overall!  We used the Clean Start detoxifying cleanse from Nature’s Sunshine of which I am a new distributor (3415982). I have always been a bit on the “granola crunchy” side.  I enjoy using/finding natural and alternative options for health and overall well-being.  Most importantly, I find that this natural holistic approach really works! To be clear, I’m for traditional medicine whenever and wherever needed and my kids are totally up-to-date on their vaccines- hahaha, even though they are homeschooled! It’s about customizing and doing what’s best for you and your family and that INCLUDES safe non-traditional choices!

Back to the results:

Having never done a cleanse, I thought I would be running to the bathroom all day long, but with this CleanStart that was not the case.  Simply put you eliminate about as you normally would but because of the fiber and psyllium hulls, more more waste is absorbed producing a bulkier bowel (more included).  This can cause cramping in the intestine because again the waste is bulkier but because of the fiber it is not difficult to eliminate.  Of course this may be TMI for some (but we are talking cleanse so deal with it:), but after a few days I looked forward to my bowel movements which began to be regular and reliable at least twice a day!

We did a modified version (our own version) of the 21 day fix diet by Beachbody and that in my opinion was really good.  It’s all about portion sizes and amounts per day.  We didn’t buy any products for this just used the same measurements as the diet recommends based on current weight.

Overall at the end of the 2 weeks I had lost 7lbs and my husband lost more, of course.  For me this was significant because I had not lost this amount of weight in a long time.  In fact I wondered if I was at my lowest weight without starvation! I did not do any body measurements, because basically I usually never do, just visual checks.  I liked how things looked.

I worked out at least 5 times a week.


1)Food Prep is a MUST in general but definitely on the 21 day fix plan.  I like food and found myself with food boredom after the first week of eating pretty much the same thing.  You don’t have to but I did and I was BORED! Cuz I am a happy and fully confessed emotional eater:) Also within the 21 days there were times I felt numb to an underlying hunger and other times I felt downright hunger and once I had a mini tantrum and started proclaiming that I needed variety and I felt deprived! I din’t realize I was starting to spas until I saw how my husband was looking at me! BWAHAHHA!

2) I felt by the 3rd day of the cleanse I would pass out, literally.  The combination of the lower calorie intake and the changed bowel pattern caused a bio-shift that left me with a headache and a weakness that may have had me concerned if it had of just happened on its own.  My husband experienced something similar.  This did go away for us both.

3) the cleanse comes with a powder and pill capsules.  Hubby didn’t take pill capsules because of an aversion to swallowing.  I had to show him they could be opened and poured out.  He had missed quite a few capsules by the time I realized this and quite frankly never really used them even after.


I will plan to continue to use some version of the fix diet (even thinking of ordering the actual containers) at least as a maintenance meal plan.

I will plan to do a cleanse at least biannually, if not intermittently.

I have to keep getting my workouts in, thats just a gotta do/lifestyle thing.

There you have it! We have One Temple (Body) and we have to take care of it. You can’t even think of getting your PHD outside of this fact- It’s a prerequisite! Let’s have fun while we do and try new things!

Have you ever done a cleanse? What were your results? Leave a comment and Follow along!  The PHDinMEBlog Community is growing!

Light and Love,




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