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Hey Scholars!

As you know its been over a week since my husband and I were told to leave the church we had served in for over 2 and a half years.  The church itself is the same age.  It began officially in late September and we first visited in Early November.

After having more than a week to process this experience, I have concluded that the worst part of this is that because of the way the lead pastor handled it, we didn’t get a chance to properly bid adieu to people who may have cared more about us being there than apparently he did.  That would have been cool since we were in some level of fellowship with these people  (its a small church so our absence is notable- one of his issues with us actually-we had been absent for as he says 5 Sundays- not that Love keeps count of so called wrongdoings -he had as he said a list of “multiple”- but I digress) for over two and a half years.


But as melancholy as the above may sound this post is actually about the amazing and hilarious responses I have gotten from people when I told them I was kicked out of the church! I already shared the first one from my friend on the original post last week, I had know idea how much funnier they would get.  I am so grateful for friends and family that KNOW me.  What a treasure!

Something about me you should know is that I love to laugh! When I was little, I was literally known for my laugh as just the sound, fullness and sincerity of it made other people laugh.  Bummer, I don’t get those as much as an adult (got too serious I guess with age). So it’s no surprise people I surround myself with are FUNNN- NNNY! My family handles some of the most uncomfortable situations with laughter! I’m not kidding, death, disease, disability -you name it someone will find humor in it.  Totally threw my husband off when we met because he did NOT grow up that way.  For me, I find that people who truly make me laugh are very insightful and have impeccable delivery (my children are 4 of the BEST) ! And so with that I hope you get as much of a kick out of these responses as I have.

First up:

Shona: Dad, I got kicked out of the church last night!

Dad: I already know why- Money.

Shona: Well, that’s part of it.

Dad (monotonous tone): Oh well, now that you have messed up your chances of getting into heaven, what are you going to do with the rest of your day?


Before hanging up, Dad (with firm but loving, reassuring voice): If that’s the worst of your problems- you don’t have any.

And the church said- Amen!

Light and Love Scholars,


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2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Faith/Fun

  1. sometimes the best thing that can happen to any church member is to get the ‘left foot’ rather than the right hand of fellowship. it stings a bit, but you’ll adapt and learn valuable lessons about the church structure, God’s ‘servants’ and the true meaning of ‘the body of christ’.
    overall, I want to encourage you… it’s worth getting kicked out to see both what you have been a part of, and what you are Really a Part of. so congrats!!

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    1. Mike, this comment is a complete and total blessing and encouragement to me! I FULLY agree with you and it’s just reassuring to know there are people who can relate in the way that you have and use that ability to do so to uplift! You rock! Bright light and love to you!– Shona 😊

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