OK so the title is a little bizarre with two spelling of Finances but I want to play a bit on the PH in PHDinMe.  I had been hesitating because I didn’t want it to come across ignorant but at the same time I have been thinking its a fun quirky idea and I’m going for it!

I know Monday’s are supposed to be for Money, but really it’s my blog so I will blog about whatever, whenever I feel the umption!  I’m excited to tell you that hubby and I are going to try to stick to a budget this month and it’s a great day because it’s July 1st.  We will be pulling from different sources but I will keep you posted on what we come up with and how it works out this month.  We have tried various versions of this over the years and no real budget has stuck so after some time of Freestylin, we’re up for trying again!  I should say it has never been a total freestyle as I am very good at keeping my finger on the pulse and have always done so, BUT never STUCK to a STRICT budget.  It’s always felt confining.  Can I get a- YEAAH! (say it like yeah… me too!)

Let me know what has worked for you! Do you budget? Why or Why not?  Leave a comment, help a sister out and follow along to see how we make out!


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