Part of a healthy lifestyle includes having a sound mental attitude about money and actually HAVING money in general.  As I continue to go forward as a blogger and develop PHDinMe, it’s apparent that Finances need to be on topic.  I’m thinking Mondays will be a good day to talk money when it needs to come up.

I am by no means a Money or Finance expert, but I am committed to Pursuing Higher Development in Me by continuously increasing my financial IQ. I do this through reading, observing and asking questions regarding anything having to do with money and of course I learn by experience, both positive and negative.

So let’s get started:  First up- How do you feel about money? Is it a motivator for you or do you find yourself most motivated by something other than?

Let’s talk about, learn about, make and even give MONEY on PHDinME Blog!

Light and Love,



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