So Scholars!  I want to address doing good.  We all know we SHOULD do good, but we all know the temptation to do otherwise can be strong, especially for certain personalities.

For example, when you politely ask someone a question and they give you attitude, or when someone you just gave lots of money to won’t even text to say happy birthday let alone a present, or when someone runs past you and makes you drop what’s in your hand turns around seen what they did and don’t even say excuse me or I’m sorry.

These are just examples of when it can be very hard to do good by having self-control and refraining from foul words or vengeance and the like.  My personality is such that depending on the situation I have to activate a great deal of self-control when dealing with certain brands of buffoonery!

But I want to encourage you with this Scripture today!  Sometimes we are tempted to believe we are being taken for granted or looked upon as weak if we don’t act or if we keep quiet when we could do otherwise, but I want you to know that in the very moment when you do, you are actually strengthening your Spirit- your true self- and planting seeds of Good Fruit and at the proper time you WILL reap a Harvest!

Keep on (or Start) Doing good Scholars!  Each time you do you nourish seeds that will grow to bless your LIFE!

Light and Love,



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