Good Morning Scholars!

Can we make a decision to eliminate racism (and all of its imps- bigotry, prejudice, colorism, etc.) today?  I want to tell you that I am SO OVER RACISM and it breaks my heart.  I truly believe, we can be so much better!

Pray for our nation, Pray for the families of the Charleston Church Massacre, Pray for the murderer, Pray for South Carolina, Pray for yourselves/ourselves- that we each may have the wisdom and boldness to stand against racism and stand for Love.  It may sound big, but even just the little things of speaking up when a friend says something insensitive or not supporting a TV program that highlights stereotypes and most importantly teaching children the Truth. It all matters and helps further the effort towards humanity evolving to the point of seeing people not for the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  We can all do it and those who walk in the Light must lead in LOVE. Take courage and start today-now!

Light and Love,


Photo and words of Rev. Clementa Pickney gunned down at the hands of a racist weeks after delivering these words. As Rev. Pickney is being buried today, let’s come together and bury racism.

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