Oh my, I’m about to GET IN THE BED, but wanted to get my blog in since I hadn’t had time the last couple days.  Today started off normal which thankfully is usually on an up note for me.  THEN after dining with the fam at Olive Garden (we went because hubby and I are starting the Nature’s Sunshine 2 week cleanse- CLEAN START-tomorrow and the 21 day fix meal plan WHICH I WILL BE BLOGGING ABOUT:) I went to pick up some summer bridge books for my kiddos and LO and BEHOLD at the register about to pay when- NO check card!:/  Whuuuut?  I hadn’t seen it in 18 hours when I realized:/  Long story short- still no card/wallet.  Now, there are times when you think you might have an idea how it may have been lost but I SERIOUSLY, don’t have a clue!


DANG! Of course the biggest issue is the ID replacement- MAN!  Called and went to the last place I used it which was last night and- NADA! SMH!

I can say the biggest deal of it all is the total and complete mystery of what the heck happened to it!  I paid for my girls night out dessert (I have the receipt in my pocketbook (purse) for that) and went straight home. No other charges on it thereafter, but still- nothing.

The good thing is, I would have been “all too pieces” once upon a time about this- on several different levels, but today it’s totally in perspective.  This my friends has taken work and is growth that I am happy about! Yay for growth! I’m alive and well and so are my kids, husband and loved ones.  Honestly, as long as I have them, most everything else at this point in my life is circumstantial and on the “not the end of the world spectrum”. SO, that’s the good I got to see with this circumstance. Sure it’s confusing, causes a sigh,  and it would be great if it showed up- and I would do a little happy dance!  BUT believe me please, when I wake up in the morning and see my babies, husband and sunrise, I will do a happy dance JUST the same!

Light and Love,




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