It’s just a beautiful thing to dream! I used to dream I would have a huge beautiful house. I would drive through neighborhoods that had the kind of house I aspired to and look forward to when I would have mine. That was many years ago. Now I have a house I genuinely adore and appreciate. I just recently realized it is not the house I used to aspire to. Time has taught me that I do not need that dream house to be happy or as a benchmark of success. BUT as I so happened to drive through a very affluent neighborhood recently, I remembered those old dreams I had had of my “one day” house. I was stunned to realize that I didn’t even remember when I had stopped dreaming it. Apparently somewhere along the way I must have said, “yeah, in my dreams” and tossed it aside. But what was more stunning was that I started to remember how excited having that dream was. How hopeful I felt when I would drive or walk through those neighborhoods. How I felt lifted by the thoughts because I knew they were so daring considering where I had come from. Dreaming of those big houses inspired me and made me feel strong with promise and Joy. In letting the dream of the house go, I had unknowingly let go of so much more. I realized driving through that neighborhood, that although I may not need that particular kind of house anymore, I absolutely do need the DREAMS and the bounty of their fruit. The house was just an object on which to project what my soul longed for, which was- More! More life and love. More peace and hope! More inspiration and…     Time can lead to jadedness. Time can make dreams like bread, go stale.  The more years we are blessed with, the more careful we need to be to safeguard our dreams and create new ones!  What are your dreams today? What were they yesterday? Do yesterday’s dreams need to be resuscitated? Reevaluated? Instigated? Today is a great day to Dream and while your at it, might as well Dream BIG!

Light and love,




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