SO  we are wrapping up our school year! Hurrah!  And starting a new week!  New weeks get me pumped for a new week of fitness fun!

Started with that early AM workout at the G Y M

Next, stepping up my meal plan game (again) and it started this morning with Oatmeal/w Blueberries

Food Photography by Shona/Featured Image:

And a veggie omelette- which I forgot to take a picture of (sorry:/)  Uhm kids were awake by then and I can’t be remembering to film my whole life and every movement, uh I kinda have to just live it! Ha!  The omelette- It was ok.  Needed salt or something.  I don’t know if I am eating to many eggs but I’ve not been liking them much lately.  I like eggs so I’m not sure what that is about;?

So glad I have gotten to the point where fitness is a lifestyle:) Has it become a lifestyle for you yet?  Let me know, leave a comment.

Tae Kwon Do Tonight! I’ll update on that on Thursday! Follow PHDinMeBlog and stay up to date!

Light and Love,



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