I read- A LOT!

I “read” (listen to) audio books when I am driving, cooking, doing hair, you name it and I read paper books (still haven’t read an electronic one:/) in bed, in the john, you name it.  One could say I am a book/info fanatic.  That’s what one could say.  One could also say I am an intellectual, philosopher, academic, bookworm.  That’s what one could say.  I would just say I like to know about what I like to know.  Since I read so many books and this is my blog and it has been said that reading is fundamental and that one of the best indicators of who you will be in five years is the books you are reading today, I will add some book reviews to my blog.

First up:

Everyday a Friday by Joel Osteen:

I read the book not this devotional but it was a good pic:)

I wasn’t expecting much from this book, in fact I just picked it up quickly as the library announcer said patrons had five minutes left before closing.  I was pleasantly, surprised by the book.  Its not heavy,deep or thesis like such as  CS Lewis’ “Miracles” of course, but it was very uplifting with lots of funny anecdotes and stories!

What’s more, I listened to it in the car and my kids WANTED to hear it. They enjoyed the stories and did not want to miss them!

SOOO if you want uplift, positive and funny that EVERYONE can enjoy, give it a try.  If you do let me know and if you already have, let me know what you think!

Light and Love (and happy reading!)



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