I just heard about this movement last night from my mom!

Let me find out that they are trying to change U.S. currency and put some game changing women on the fronts! That will motivate me to collect more $20’s thats for sure:)!

I’m all for it!  I don’t know anything about the organization that’s doing the poll or any other details, but JUST the thought of it rings right!  So with that here is my top pick of who I heard the nominees are:


YEAYASS!  None other than the incomparable Harriet Tubman!  She is a TRUE HERO in my home.

I recommend you look her up and then study- no really study, her.  It will make it VERY hard for you to EVER make an excuse for doing less than your best again!

Light and Love,


No matter what this post stands as a tribute to a MAGNANIMOUS spirit who walked this earth—

Sister Harriet Tubman

Who would be your pick? Leave a comment



One thought on “PHDinMeBlog-FREESTYLE

  1. Reblogged this on PHDinMeBlog and commented:

    WooHoo!!!!!! Almost a year ago today I made my pick and yesterday it was officially announced that The INCOMPARABLE HARRIET TUBMAN will be the face of the U.S twenty dollar bill! I am proud to tears! It means so much to me and my people group and my country! I know there will be haters, but actually Haters make celebrations GREATER! HAHA! Enjoy your day Scholars! There’s a party going on over here! Gonna buy a new wallet in 2020 just for all of my TUBMANS and BENJAMINS!!!! YEAYASSS!!!!!! Light and Love, Shona and my excited kids- they know their HERSTORY!


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