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Sooooo, I called a repair service last week and scheduled an appointment for  today at 10:00 am.  At 10:12 company lady calls and says, owner had a hang up at earlier job but he is headed my way and his GPS now says he will arrive at 10:37.  I said, ok.  At 11:53 am, company lady calls and says, “Shona”, in a somewhat apologetic tone, “I’m just gonna give you the lowdown on whats going on, owner had a death in the family last night and has decided to go to the airport and fly to SeveralStates AwayWest, USA.”  I’m like,  “ok thanks for calling, by the way, who died…”

I hung up the phone and told my NINE year old daughter and her response was a stunned and perplexed “What, someone died in the hour  since they told you he was on his way? I said “No, they died last night” and her reply was “Then, why didn’t they cancel last night or this morning?

HA! I could not have said it better.  THIS a child knows. SMH- Rest in Peace to the departed for sure but, REALLY, there has GOT to be a better way and a higher standard …

BTW, this is the second company that hasn’t shown in the last month, another company did come out but the service left a bit to be desired.  My husband said, “Why do you think Angie’s List became so popular?”  Nuff Said!

Is it just me… what kind of customer service are you getting these days? What do you do about it? Become a DIYer? Let me know/Leave a comment!



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