PHDinMeBlog-Fitness/Faith/Finance: Here comes the Sunshine!

Exciting News!!

Hey Guys!
Yesterday (4-25-15), I attended the Nature’s Sunshine Ignite tour and I am now an Independent Licensed Distributor for the company!  I am very excited!  The opportunity this company provides to help enhance the well-being of others through top-notch research, products and education is in total alignment with the mission of PHDinMe! PLUS  Nature’s Sunshine programs such as IN.Form, give people a practical path for improved health and weight loss, giving me a greater platform to build community and teach! Also, I met my mentor and his wife and some of his team and they were all very friendly and inviting!  My mentor and his wife were also very spiritual which was an encouragement! Can I get a what what!  Follow along- So much more to come on this great partnership/opportunity!

To pursue the highest living you must intentionally take good care of the temple- Shona 

Light and Love, Shona


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