Oy Vey,

My whole body is sore:/

Why you ask?  Because Tuesday in Tae Kwon Do, I attempted a roundhouse back hook and on the back hook fell completely on my bum… Oh crumb!

No bracing or anything just STRAIGHT to the floor!  To be honest it was actually kind of cool (I guess at my age mixed with the adventures I go for- embarrassment is not my first emotion).  My instructor actually had me get up and do it two more times so I could see my error and get it right).  I was miss Bee Lee UNTIL About two hours later and my shoulder NOT my bum was on FIYAH!  I guess I tried to catch the fall and my should jerked upward OWW! I’m not kidding I couldn’t even move it, but I knew it wasn’t broken.  Slowly but surely soreness crept in all over and today I’m walking like a Cowboy in a Western! LOL!

Its all good though, part of the sport and thankfully no serious injury.

Live Life to the Fullest! Light and Love,



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