PHDinMeBlog-Faith:Hearing through Nature

Hey guys look what I saw on Tuesday

Photography by Shona

So I am talking to a fellow homeschool mom after our wonderful homeschool gym class (wonderful because of the teacher who volunteers her time to do this with excellence and exuberance and actually thanks the parents  because it helps her to fulfill a dream of being a PE teacher- yeah right I know- a real-life saint and more! My Family loves Ms. Bobbe!-Had to put that shoutout in there).  Anyway, I am talking to this mother and trying to summarize a long story for her.  In the meantime my children are coming over with all kinds of requests and interruptions and I am just giving short quick “ghedd atta hare” answers and suddenly THIS presents itself!

A ladybug on a buttercup!  I could cry now just thinking of it.  How beautiful!  Buttercups, dandelions are one of my favorite flowers- yes flowers, because they remind me of the best parts of being a kid and ladybugs are probably the only bug I will tolerate and they are cute!  Sappy I know but made me stop, get present, and be in the now!  I so enjoy how nature can do that and the thought of it made me so much grateful for my sweet kiddos and the beauty of their childhood and I held them tighter that night and it the days that followed.  Had to finish telling that story first before I could relish in all that but thankful for the wisdom to eventually do so!  HA!

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better- Albert Einstein

Light and Love,



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