OK so this past Friday I found out Johnny Kemp died (and it would be my little sister to note he died on a Friday:/).  You might be saying “Who is that?”

He is the man who wrote the song “Just got paid…Friday night…”

WHY did my husband and I start singing the song out loud?  Clearly this shows my age, but I’m good with that.  We had sound effects, background, horns and all-HA Our kids where like “WhUUUUt?  We even started it up on YouTube when we were unsure of a word in the song, but lo and behold and in spite of slurring due to digging in the memory bank- we were right!

Now, I haven’t heard of that man nor thought of him in I do not know how long but I remember that song bought SO MUCH FUN and JOY!  Are you as thankful for that type of music as I am?  Shout-out to everybody who made and makes positive music that transports us to that HAPPY place!  Wouldn’t even anticipated having a post about this man but after dancing and smiling the way we did remembering that song- nuff respect is due- RIP Johnny, thanks for your contribution to good times and great memories!



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