Identity Crisis

So I am new to blogging and I really like it.  You can’t tell because I haven’t blogged for days, BUT there is a reason.  Perfection is probably the truest and lamest reason but that said,  I don’t have all the answers and sometimes when I blog it feels preachy.  When I hold back, because I don’t want to sound “preachy”, then Im not being me and not being me is NOT me at all- ha! Then there are times when it feels narcissistic to post my thoughts about my thoughts- lol!  Lest not forget how many times I should average posting- aka Narcissistic Preaching- lol 2-3 times a week can you say NP times 2-3!  Then there is the issue of my varying interests which I haven’t even begun to post most of. My blog does not hone in on just one thing so  I wonder am I making or will I make readers dizzy- hence this blog title- Identity Crisis.  When I read through some of the other blogs, they seem to majorly focus on one thing or things closely related and overall that seems to be what draws peoples interest and creates the community for that particular blog. Sigh!  Then , I have the paranoia issue- lol!  Currently, I am a paper and pencil gal who values privacy, not a computer head that updates my social media every time I blink.  In fact I have no Facebook, instagram or twitter account. GULP!  Not that I won’t ever but I don’t right now.  Im very leary of putting my pictures and especially those of my children out on the internet.  Lastly, I haven’t navigated this thing enough to make my blog look as good as I want it to look:?/ What kind of blogger does that or has these “issues”?- LOL!!

Well now that I got that all off my chest- Ahhhhhh!  I can say, I am the kind blogger that has these types “issues” and come to think of it there is no identity crisis at all because this is Pursuing Higher Development in Me Blog and its about learning, growing, and loving!  Thats what I will do.  I will blog my truth even if you can’t  see my face or UNTIL you do.  Cuz that’s where I am right now.  I like to blog, so I am going to do it regardless of all the reasons it may seem not to make sense to.  Why because it makes me happy and I want to share that with others and build a community/like minded tribe on this pursuit.  I’m going to be patient with myself, stick with it and love me through the whole journey.  Excuses are lame- I’m in the game-  narcissistic, preachy, dizzying, paranoid and all! LOL!  Who’s with me? Then Follow!   Tell me your thoughts! Leave a comment!

Light and Love,


PostScript- Im not really narcissistic, dizzying or paranoid but I can be a lil preachy at times:)  HAHA!


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